Shades of Red


Color plays a large role as it translates in the world of print solutions. We all know that particular colors correlate with specific emotions and thus these connections need to be considered and utilized purposefully when designing packaging, posters, displays and brochures.

A dedicated color palette and distinctive graphic design can work synergistically but must be consistently used so that a brand can become visually identified at first glance. Think of a brand you know, what color(s) do they use, do you know without looking them up?

At ambâ„¢ we thoughtfully use the color red throughout our own identity pieces. Choosing to use the color red is the perfect way to spice up your business and simultaneously establish your brand as professional, confident and trustworthy.

Red is energizing and motivates and a little bit of red goes a long way. Many popular brands use the color red, think Coca-Cola, CNN, Time, Campbell Soup or Netflix. Many companies in the art & media, technology, retail and professional services industries use red either in their logos or throughout their collateral in some fashion.

The color red is good at stealing attention from other colors, which is useful in many contexts. It fosters a powerful first impression. Using red is a bold play and yet you do need to strike a balance when using it by considering your choice of font, imagery and other design elements to be sure they complement it. Not ready for red as your primary color, use it sparingly instead as an accent and watch your branding pop.

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