Rethink Print (it’s not dead)


Facebook ads, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin Pulse, apps, blogging, web publications…digital marketing has become an exploding trend with technology evolving at warp speed and individuals walking around with digital devices accessible to them 24/7. The digital highway has become adopted or better known as today’s “traditional” marketing lane. Sounds crazy, but that is what it is being labeled as (at least currently)….so is the medium of print dead? Well, you might think so considering a multitude of well-known magazines and newspapers are completely ceasing publication and hard bound books have gone the way of Kindle and like.

However, we here at amb™ believe differently and we don’t feel at all that we are going out on a limb by declaring that printed channels offer huge opportunities for brands to find and keep the attention of its customers. Despite the hype given to digital marketing, printed marketing has NOT lost its relevance. Print materials have actually benefited from the advances in printing technologies with color that is so vivid it wows and jumps off the page; not literally of course but you have to agree that from billboards, to packaging and window wraps, your eye still desires something visually appealing.

So despite digital leanings in the marketing realm, amb™ has stayed true to what has made us tick for decades while adding in the capabilities to balance both the tangible (print) and intangible (digital) because growth in all areas makes us a better print shop.

Since there is more competition in a sea of the same and we assume that will continue to be the case, we like to view that what we do is more important than ever before. Every chance we get our team prefers to create an audible gasp, as an image can (and should) be powerful and the printed word more credible than anything found on the internet.

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