Consistency Is Key with Printed Touch Point


To build a strong and reputable brand that means and says the same thing to a lot of people, requires it to be memorable and recognizable, but more importantly consistent. The way a brand creates that first impression in today’s technology forward age includes many touch points. It can take upwards of seven interactions with a brand before a customer makes a buying decision.

At amb™, we design, fabricate and print those aforementioned first AND lasting brand impressions. Our craftsmanship and pride in what we do help our clients create “experiences” for their consumers that solidifies a brand’s identity with them.

When a business sticks to exacting standards for their print collateral and packaging, their demographic, will no doubt, come to associate them as a brand that has expertise and showcases it wisely.

Since customers are bombarded with hundreds of brand messages a day, consistent branding also allows a business to thread together (or connect the dots if you will) those multiple touch points mentioned earlier. The more consistent the branding (print and digital), the easier you have made it for a consumer to readily recognize your brand and create what we hope will become a brand fan.

Working with amb™, we ensure we link your brand elements on all customer touch points to accurately represent your brand. We help you think about all the places where your audience may interact with your brand. Our goal is to assist you with building brand trust, conveying quality, and enhancing differentiation all through print and digital mediums.

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